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Organic Josencha Ujijitate Organic Josencha Ujijitate

Saemidori single origin green tea, Japan

¥1,944 / unit
$ 18.06*

Do******, 2018-04-20 11:43

This tea is not at all what I expected it to be. I was simply expecting a nice, tasty green tea, but there is so much more to it! Has a "hidden" flavor I can't really put my finger on... Reminds me of a beautiful, flowery meadow. This tea turned out to be a truly extraordinary experience!

Matcha Wako

The popluar Wako is one of the highest grade of thin tea (usucha) in Koyama’s range

¥2,052 / unit
$ 19.07*

Do******, 2018-04-19 14:52

Really good matcha for a good price! The description is quite accurate, it has a very creamy, round flavor. I had a traditional sweet with it, that highlighted its deep, smooth taste. Wonderful!

Cooking Matcha High Grade Cooking Matcha High Grade

Green tea powder for general culinary uses

¥4,536 / unit
$ 42.15*

Do******, 2018-04-18 16:05

I've made matcha yogurt, matcha latte and other matcha soft drinks using this matcha before, and it was always very good. This time, I decided to try making matcha chocolate. I'm not a pro by any means, but the chocolate turned out really good! Had a beautiful green color, and strong, flavorful matcha taste. I'll definitely use this matcha to make more chocolate in the future!

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“I received the order in perfect conditions.
The items were packed very nicely.
Thank you for the free tea samples.
I look forward to trying more of your tea and
tea ware in the future. I'm a happy customer!”

Martin • USA

“Thank you so much for your time and
suggested tea/water/temperature/time ratios.
The teapots and tea have arrived.
They are absolutely beautiful and a tribute
to wonderful craftmanship of the makers.
Thank you once again, and thank you also
for the gift sample.”


“Just received my order today:
many thanks, its's prefect,
and the gift tea really nice!”

Jean François • FRANCE

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Sazen Tea is a Kyoto-based supplier of Japanese tea, teaware, and tea accessories. We are committed to providing a wide range of quality products and reliable service so that tea drinkers across the world can enjoy premium Japanese teas and tea accessories. Our teas are sourced from renowned growers in prestigious tea-growing regions such as Mie, Kyoto, Shiga and Kagoshima. Our teaware includes exclusively designed items, as well as the works of acknowledged Japanese craftsmen and ceramists.

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