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Sazen Tea Co. Ltd. is a Kyoto-based company operating in Japan.
Its commercial activities consist of distributing teas and tea making accessories, while representing quality and reliability.
Beside our own exclusive products we are also offering the works of acknowledged Japanese craftsmen and rare ceramics in our portfolio.

Best offer

High quality yet reasonably priced tea products.
We offer our products at prices true to Japanese domestic retail costs, so they are the most authentic prices in the world.

Wide range

A wide range of professional tea utensils to produce tea with the fullest flavor.
Our comprehensive range of utensils will accommodate your every tea need, as our mission is to provide all the requirements to enjoy for tea culture.

High quality

Products are sourced from respected traditional tea factories and skilled artisans across Japan.
We have strong connections with Japanese companies who have over a hundred years' experience making tea products. All utensils are selected and tested by the company owner, an industry professional.


We trust that our portfolio will meet your demands and look forward to receiving your order.

Company details:
Sazen Tea Co. Ltd.
Managing director: Motonari Jotatsu
Established: 2014
Address: Ichinofunairicho 376 Nakagyoku
Kyoto 604-0924, JAPAN

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