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Your Guide to Japanese Green Tea Flavors & Aromas

Tea Guide

Much like a well-aged wine, high-quality green tea offers a complete sensory experience—from color and aroma to flavor and finish. And by understanding which characteristics you prefer in both flavor and aroma, you can quickly overcome the confusion beginning tea connoisseurs often face when choosing between the 10 standard Japanese green tea varieties shown below.

4 Distinct Varieties for the Beginning Green Tea Connoisseur

4 Distinct Varieties for the Beginning Green Tea Connoisseur

Amazingly, all 10 Japanese green tea varieties can be produced from the same leaf, and it takes a great amount of knowledge and experience by master producers to understand how to coax each variety’s distinct characteristics hidden within that leaf.

If you are new to the world of high-quality green tea and have yet to gain your own knowledge of these distinct characteristics, we suggest beginning with any of the 4 following varieties: Matcha, Gyokuro, Sencha and Hojicha.

Recommended High-Quality Green Tea from Sazen Tea

Recommended High-Quality Green Tea from Sazen Tea

When it comes to Japanese green tea, being able to distinguish high-quality from poor-quality can take considerable expertise. At Sazen Tea, we are happy to share our years of extensive knowledge by offering only the highest quality green tea produced by Japan’s most respected brands.


For first time customers seeking to immerse themselves in the ritualistically traditional world of matcha, we often suggest Matcha Daigyoku with its pleasant aroma that can be savored as a weekday pick-me-up. This powdered tea variety is well-suited for different preparation methods, which makes it very forgiving when first learning to prepare it.

And because Matcha Daigyoku maintains its characteristics whether served hot or cold, concentrated or diluted, you can always enjoy a refreshing floral aroma with notes of vanilla and a creamy, sweet flavor that is both fresh and tart.

Buy Premium Matcha
Matcha Daigyoku


We recommend Uji Premium Gyokuro for those who desire delicacy. This green tea demands both attention and patience when preparing, but its deep umami flavor is a worthy reward. With gyokuro, the experience begins long before taking the first sip as you breathe in the transcendental aroma—reminiscent of ripe fruit and freshly cut vegetables—as the high-quality tea leaves await steeping in the preheated kettle.

When prepared with cold water, Uji Premium Gyokuro has a surprisingly sweet, full-bodied flavor, while preparation at a high temperature couples the tea’s rich flavor with subtle scratchy notes.

Buy Premium Gyokuro
Uji Premium Gyokuro


For daily use, there is no finer choice than our Premium Sencha Yabukita. An exceptionally enjoyable variety for both beginner and veteran tea connoisseur, Yabukita’s aroma and flavor are essentially identical—an aroma that suggests exactly what the flavor delivers. This refreshingly light tea offers the sensation of a gentle spring breeze combined with a silky zestfulness.

Premium Sencha Yabukita is the perfect pantry green tea to be shared among family and friends or as a well-received gesture of success when offered to corporate partners!

Buy Premium Sencha
Premium Sencha Yabukita


For a well-deserved moment of relaxation after a difficult day, look no further than our low-caffeine hojicha, originating solely from a trusted organic plantation. A safe beverage for young and old alike, as well as for those with food allergies or heart conditions, our Organic Hojicha offers a pleasant, toasted scent paired with a strong, roasted aroma. Sense the simplicity and utterly soft texture in its flavor.

This green tea variety is an excellent accompaniment to meals; and due to its digestive properties, it may also be consumed in lieu of coffee at the conclusion of a meal.

Buy Premium Hojicha
Organic Hojicha

Build your knowledge and become a true connoisseur of premium Japanese green tea by visiting the SAZEN TEA BLOG, where you will find detailed information about choosing, preparing and enjoying the perfect cup of tea.

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