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Genuine quality Chinese teas from Japan

As a Japanese company, our main focus is Japanese tea and tea accessories, but we also offer high-quality Chinese and Taiwanese teas. You might be thinking „Why should I buy Chinese and Taiwanese teas from Sazen Tea?” The answer is that we have such high-quality Chinese teas in Japan that I can recommend them wholeheartedly.

I myself have experienced the same thing most of you from Non-Eastern-Asian countries do, while I was living in Hungary for 13 years; The further one’s country is from Eastern-Asia the harder it gets to find high-quality imported teas in an affordable price range, especially when tea culture is not that well known in given country. Many times the information is also incorrect, the imported tea ends up being lower-quality, but even then, most people might not know that. They think they have found the greatest teas, for they have no experience with real high-quality.

On the other hand, here in Japan, as an Eastern Asian country neighboring China, there are a lot of high grade Chinese and Taiwanese teas, and there are many real Chinese tea enthusiasts. These enthusiasts have a lot of experience and knowledge about how high-quality teas taste, look and how much they should cost, and they are also very vocal about their opinion – that makes the Japanese market so honest and world-class quality. Because of the growing interest, the number of people learning about these teas is also increasing, and more and more people obtain Tea Specialist or Tea Taster qualifications. For such experienced consumers, only the highest quality teas will do, and our Chinese and Taiwanese tea partners select our full portfolio keeping that in mind. Also, since the Japanese import regulations are very strict and require serious quality control, all our products are guaranteed to be from safe, reliable sources and are free from pesticides and chemicals.

I would like to stress, that tea is always a question of personal taste. Our importers always bring us the best quality teas, but whether everyone likes the taste of them is a completely different question. It is also great if you have your favorite tea and tea store in your country or your favorite online shop, but regardless, if you once visited our page looking for Japanese teas or tea accessories, I would still like to recommend you try a Chinese or Taiwanese tea as well.

We offer many great Chinese and Taiwanese teas, some of them real rarities.

Don’t miss the chance to try these special teas!

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