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Double Scoring Products this Month

Enjoy having fine tea in Summer

Each month we have five different products on our site that score double Sazen Reward Points, that can be used on further purchases.
(1 point = 1 JPY)
These products change on the first day of every month.
Don't miss the five double scoring products of this month!

Get Double Points!
Glass Hira Chawan Yanagi & Tsubame

Glass matcha tea bowl by Hokuto Shimizu

¥8,800 / piece
$ 80.04*

* Approximately

Buy it and earn 480 points! [Details]

Get Double Points!
Tsugaru Glass Katakuchi Set

Handmade heat resistant glass tea set for 2 person

¥4,400 / set
$ 40.02*

* Approximately

Buy it and earn 240 points! [Details]

Get Double Points!
Kikochi Shikunshi Hōhin

Teapot decorated with flowers by Shōami kiln • 100 ml

¥13,200 / piece
$ 120.06*

* Approximately

Buy it and earn 720 points! [Details]

Get Double Points!
Matcha Suzukumo

Matcha even with cold water (usucha)

¥2,808 / 40 g
$ 25.54*

* Approximately

Buy it and earn 156 points! [Details]