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Double Scoring Products

The Sazen Reward Point System has been renewed. Follow our Newsletters and get updated about the seasonal Double Scoring Offers!

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Sazen Reward Points

Please register or log in to collect points: MySazen

What are Sazen Reward Points and how can I earn them?
At Sazen Tea web shop registered and logged in users can earn and collect points calculated based on the total value of the purchase. We have separate scoring system for purchases with US dollar and purchases with Japanese yen.
Reward points for purchases with US dollar: After every 50 dollars spent we offer 1 point that equals to 1 US dollar.
Reward points for purchases with Japanese yen: After every 50 yen spent, we offer 1 point that equals to 1 Japanese yen.

When do my earned points appear on my account?
Your points will be credited to your account right after your shipment leaves our warehouse.

How can I use my points?
Points can be redeemed at the next or later purchases.
Registered and logged in users can redeem their points at the ‘Address’ or ‘Cart’ page before confirming their purchase. Your points can be redeemed for the Net Sum (Subtotal) of your Cart, but cannot be used for shipping or other additional costs.
New points are given based on the final purchase value. (If you redeem previously earned points, the total purchase value will be that much less.)
Points cannot be exchanged for cash or handed over to others.

How long are my points valid?
The received points are valid for 12 months. After each purchase, this expiry date is extended. The countdown starts from the date of the last purchase.
Expired points cannot be revalidated, our system deletes them automatically.

How can I check my points?
After logging in, you can follow your point balance and Point History in the MySazen menu.

Enjoy shopping and collecting your points!

VIP Club Customer Discount

We offer this opportunity to our returning customers, rewarding them discounts based on their spending.

Silver Grade VIP discount
If you spend ¥200,000 / $2,000 or more in one year, you automatically become a Silver Grade VIP customer and get 5% discount on all following purchases.

Golden Grade VIP discount
If you spend ¥500,000 / $5,000 or more in a year, you become a Golden Grade VIP customer, with 10% discount on all future purchases.

The achieved VIP discount is valid for any products available on our website.
Expiry time for VIP discount is 12 months. If you do not reach the required purchase total during this period, your discount will be reduced or even revoked.
VIP discount is calculated from the products purchased on sazentea.com, excluding shipping costs.
VIP discount is only valid for registered customers, and its rate is calculated from the purchases made while being logged in.

Please keep in mind that besides the VIP discount all registered and logged in customers automatically receive reward points for each purchase. These points can be redeemed at any future purchases. Click here for more information on Sazen Reward Points.