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Double Scoring Products this Month

Each month we have five different products on our site that score double Sazen Reward Points, that can be used on further purchases.
(1 point = 1 JPY)
These products change on the first day of every month.
Don't miss the five double scoring products of this month!

Get Double Points!
Matcha Starter Set

4-piece matcha tea set for beginners in a Japanese paper gift box

¥9,350 / set
$ 83.50*

* Approximately

Buy it and earn 374 points! [Details]

Get Double Points!
Assortment of Ohmi Single Origin Teas

6 × 30 g different variants of tea cultivars from Shiga Prefecture

¥2,970 / set
$ 26.52*

* Approximately

Buy it and earn 118 points! [Details]

Get Double Points!
Matcha Ryokuhou

Hokoen’s Ryokuhou is one of a high rank excellent tea for making koicha (thick tea)

¥2,160 / 20 g
$ 19.29*

* Approximately

Buy it and earn 86 points! [Details]

Get Double Points!
Hōzan Ryōfū Teaset

Shigarakiyaki tea set with five teacups

¥19,800 / set
$ 176.82*

* Approximately

Buy it and earn 792 points! [Details]

Get Double Points!
Tokusen Shun - Assortment

5x20 incense sticks with a holder by Shoyeido, Kyoto

¥7,700 / unit
$ 68.76*

* Approximately

Buy it and earn 308 points! [Details]