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Edosenke is not descended by blood from Sen no Rikyū. It was founded by Kawakami Fuhaku (1716–1807), who belonged to Omotesenke and learned tea ceremony under the 7th generation Grand Master of Omotesenke line. At that time, "Sansenke", the three schools associated with Rikyū, went through reformations. One of the leading characters of these reformations was Fuhaku himself. Fuhaku went to Edo (Tokyo) and first established a branch of the Omotesenke school. Fuhaku found some of the last texts Sen no Rikyū left behind, which helped him complete his ceremonial style.

Edosenke is known for its friendly, inclusive nature. It emphasizes the interaction between the host and the guest, who should mutually help each other creating a cordial, accepting vibe. During the tea ceremony, Edosenke aims to be natural and less formal than other schools. Its purpose is to make the atmosphere as relaxed and open as possible. It encourages people to integrate tea ceremonies into their busy daily life because having warm, peaceful moments with tea every day improves greatly one's spiritual and physical well-being.

The head of Edosenke now is the 11th generation Grand Master, Kawakami Kansetsu.