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Japanese Tea Sets

If you're just starting out your Japanese tea collection, buying a Japanese tea set can be the most convenient option. You can choose tea sets comprising teaware, such as a teapot and tea cups, or tea sets that contain teaware as well as a matcha tea and preparation equipment - a chashaku (spoon), chawan (tea bowl), tea whisk and coasters. Sazen Tea's range of quality Japanese tea sets also make ideal gifts, and are a great way to expand an existing collection.

Matcha Serving Set

Perfect tea set for a MATCHA PARTY

¥13,499 / set
$ 124.69*

* Approximately

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Matcha Picnic Set

Portable matcha tea set for outdoor use

¥14,900 / set
$ 137.63*

* Approximately

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Mino Hakuji Teaset

Porcelain tea set for 5 person

¥8,316 / set
$ 76.81*

* Approximately

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Hanakessho Teaset

Kyoto porcelain tea set for 5 person

¥22,000 / set
$ 203.21*

* Approximately

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Hōzan Ryōfū Teaset

Shigarakiyaki tea set with five teacups

¥19,800 / set
$ 182.89*

* Approximately

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Kyoesansui Tea Set

Arita porcelain tea set for 5 persons

¥23,100 / set
$ 213.37*

* Approximately

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Gyokko Yohen Tea Set

Three-piece Japanese tea set

¥12,100 / set
$ 111.77*

* Approximately

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