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Japanese Oolong Tea

Oolong is a traditional Chinese tea that somewhere between a green and a black tea. It is produced through specialized and labor-intensive process whereby the tea plant is withered under direct sun, then the leaves, stems, and twigs are slightly fermented, and twisted into their characteristic curved shape. There is a huge variety of oolong teas, which - like green and black teas - differ depending on their growing conditions. The aromatic profiles of oolong tea can vary from floral notes to rich fruity tastes, such as ripe peach, or even minty-fresh flavors. Browse Sazen Tea's range of Japanese oolong tea.

Wazuka Yūki Oolong Cha
Wazuka Yūki Oolong Cha

Japanese organic oolong tea with a floral fragrance and smoked aroma

  • ¥1,296 / 70 g BAG
  • ¥3,240 / 200 g BAG
  • ¥8,100 / 500 g BULK
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Japanese semi-fermented green tea with a citrus fruit flavor

  • ¥1,188 / 30 g BAG
  • ¥3,456 / 100 g BAG
  • ¥16,740 / 500 g BULK
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