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Browse Sazen Tea's wide range of Japanese teapots and tea pitchers to find a shape and style that is just right for you. Whether you'd like a teapot made from white porcelain and embellished with delicately painted blue decorations, or a flat kyusu-style teapot made from clay, which is ideal for brewing gyokuro and kabusecha green teas, there's something to suit all tastes and tea-drinking needs. A variety of water pitchers are also available, which can be used to adjust the temperature of tea. Most of Sazen Tea's Japanese teaware is proudly handmade by artisan manufacturers and potters across Japan.

Shoryu Tenmoku Yuzamashi

Black ceramic tea serving tool

  • ¥5,500 / piece
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approx. $ 48.24*

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Junzō Kurokinsai Yuzamashi

Tokoname rustic style pitcher

  • ¥3,960 / piece
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approx. $ 34.73*