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! BREAKING NEWS: Dec 10, 2022 Please be informed that during WINTER HOLIDAY tea production is on pause. Due to this we are not able to ship between DEC 30, 2022 and JAN 10, 2023. We will resume dispatching orders from the 11th of January 2022.
! BREAKING NEWS: Dec 05, 2022 MATCHA SAMPLE gift (5g) for each order! Let us surprise you with our various delicious matcha offers.

Yokode kyusu

Out of the two most common types of Japanese teapots, yokode and ushirode kyusu, yokode is the one with a side-handle. Sazen Tea offers a wide variety of yokode kyusu; you can find whatever you are looking for: clay, porcelain, glazed, unglazed, painted, banko, tenmoku or engraved.

Gyokko Hirafukurogata Kyusu Large

Tokoname teapot from the Gyokko kiln

  • $88.00 / あ)黒泥
  • $88.00 / い)朱泥
  • $88.00 / う)焼締
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Gyokko Yakishime Gokuhira Yōhen Kyusu

Tokoname teapot from the Gyokko Kiln

  • $69.30 / right-handed
  • $69.30 / left-handed
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Junzō Kurokinsai Kyusu

Tokoname teapot with antique surface

  • $110.00 / Darker
  • $110.00 / Lighter
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