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Yokode kyusu

Out of the two most common types of Japanese teapots, yokode and ushirode kyusu, yokode is the one with a side-handle. Sazen Tea offers a wide variety of yokode kyusu; you can find whatever you are looking for: clay, porcelain, glazed, unglazed, painted, banko, tenmoku or engraved.

Gyokko Hirafukurogata Kyusu

Tokoname teapot from the Gyokko kiln

  • $88.00 / あ)黒泥
  • $88.00 / い)朱泥
  • $88.00 / う)焼締
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Gyokko Yakishime Gokuhira Yōhen Kyusu

Tokoname teapot from the Gyokko Kiln

  • $69.30 / right-handed
  • $69.30 / left-handed
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