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Ushirode kyusu

Find the perfect ushirode, back-handle Japanese teapot for you. Whether you are looking for a teapot for everyday use or special occasions, Sazen Tea offers a wide range of size and style ushirode kyusu from different Japanese kilns and renown potters.

Taisen White Ushirode Kyusu

Teapot from Banko, Japan • 220 ml

¥7,560 / piece
$ 68.46*

* Approximately

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Sabisenmon Tea Pot

Hand made porcelain teapot • 300 ml

¥8,424 / piece
$ 76.29*

* Approximately

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Sabisenmon Teapot Large

Hand made product • 600 ml

¥9,936 / piece
$ 89.98*

* Approximately

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