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Chinese Green Tea

Chinese Green Tea, known of its amazing health and beauty benefits is the best selling, most widely consumed tea. There are hundreds of types of them, some are believed to be the most refined teas in the World. Drinking Green Tea used to be a status symbol among Chinese nobility, and it is indeed retaining an elegant, sophisticated and gentle aroma.

Chinese Teas, fruity and floral, sweet and mild, are desserts themselves. Every year we taste a wide range of Chinese Green Tea varieties and choose the ones of the best quality, with the most aromatic, most exciting characteristics. Our Chinese Tea selections are always true delicacies.

Mo Li Hua Cha
Mo Li Hua Cha

Jasmine Green Tea from Fujian Province, China

  • $5.18 / 6 g Sample
  • $25.92 / 30 g BAG
  • $75.60 / 100 g BAG
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