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Chinese Yellow Tea

Yellow tea, also known as huángchá in Chinese, is an increasingly rare type of tea. The process for making yellow tea is similar to that of green but with an added step of “sealed yellowing”, a process of encasing and steaming the tea. This allows the tea to oxidize at a slower rate, producing a far more mellow taste than is found in most green teas and a characteristic yellowish color. Yellow tea has a higher caffeine, polyphenol, and theanine content.

Meng Ding Huan Ya 2020
Meng Ding Huan Ya 2020

Yellow tea from Sichuan Province, China

  • ¥410 / 3 g sample
  • ¥4,104 / 30 g BAG
  • ¥12,312 / 100 g BAG
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