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Mo******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Thanks for the amazing service!" Jo******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Always excellent packaging." Ch******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Great as usual" Yu******, ISRAEL"Service is ok, but I after paying everything on site Fedex requested for me to pay 60$ more on arrival..." Wi******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Amazing service as always" Xi******, SINGAPORE"Shipping was fast, items were packaged well. So happy that I can try shin matcha just as it is released." Je******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Sazen continues to deliver faster than expected and without any issues. Thanks Sazen!!!" Ma******, SINGAPORE"I am impressed because this matcha is cheap, yet it is smooth n not bitter at all with a little astrigency. Unami n sweetness maynot be as good as the premium range ones but the price is Cheaper than Those repacked ceremonial grade matcha we see on amazon or other websites but taste way better. If the entry level for this brand is this good, i wonder how good will the rest of the matcha taste like. Glad to have found this sazen website. Prices are very reasonable compared locally." Fe******, "???????? ? ??????? ?? 3 ???!" Ta******, CANADA"This has to be the best customer service I've ever found in a Tea company, and the packaging is always so secure and safe! I am always surprised at how fast I recieve these precious goods, usually taking just one week, counting the exact day of purchase. I cannot be more pleased with my buying experience here on this website." Sa******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"World-class. Outstanding." Er******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Packaging was fine, no damage to the matcha tin." To******, POLAND"excellent" So******, UNITED KINGDOM"Thank you so much for stocking this. Please keep it forever! :)" Lu******, CZECH REPUBLIC"Excellent support with the opportunity to choose my own items" Da******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Excellent, very safe packaging and delivered 2 days early. Received exactly what I asked for." Al******, "??????????????????????????????????????????????????? Perfect deal! Very efficient and friendly staff. Very good and fast service! I will keep buying in your store." Da******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Always perfect!" Wi******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"I love sazen tea , very good value" Sa******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"World-class. Outstanding." Jo******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Great, as always!" Os******, MEXICO"Congratulations to Sazen for his top quality service." Sh******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Very fast shipping. Sazen has been reliable over the years." Da******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Sazen is always great." Sc******, UNITED KINGDOM"Sazen are always incredible to deal with, their customer support is second to none." 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The samples they provide are always wonderful and bring me to my next tea choice" Se******, AZERBAIDJAN"My favorite online source for the best tea" To******, POLAND"Perfect service, nothing to complain as always!" Xi******, SINGAPORE"Excellent! Steps were taken to ensure that the matcha cans were delivered intact and met my expectation." Th******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Fast and efficient delivery! Thank you for getting the tea out quickly." To******, GEORGIA"My favourite and trusty tea enterprise. Long live" Au******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Great tea and teaware :)" Br******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Customer service and shipping was above and beyond! Thank you!" Sa******, ISRAEL"Sazen keep only A+ grade products, the service's is a perfection. Thank You :)" Ch******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Great as usual" LE******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Would be nice if there is a writing in english...." Al******, ROMANIA"Prompt service and I have strong confidence in all your products!" Ta******, HUNGARY"The best service as always" AN******, "In Greece shops usually give a small gift to costumers to thank them for buying from them. You did something like that which i appreciated. I suggest just have a little more amount in gifts. Thank you" Jo******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Good as always!" Wi******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Extremely fast shipping, great service." Ta******, CANADA"I was notified of a capacity change before delivery, and I really appreciated that." AN******, "I received the package in 10 days as it was written. Thank you very much, I am happy for the gift, the free sample , it was a nice surprise..Also the packaging was fine for safe delivery of the products. Thank you so much!" To******, POLAND"5/5 as always, 0 issues" Je******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Always super fast and always packaged with care!" Ch******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"The best, and the lunar new years treats were great!" 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Upon request, she sent me pictures of available teapots, and I was able to pick one with a color variation that I liked. Received it 3 days later and made a tea right away.... thank you Sazen ream!" Je******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"I had been disappointed by another company in Japan selling matcha. Sazen NEVER disappoints!!! Thank you Sazen!!!" Je******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Super fast and accurate shipping to east coast of US!" An******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"They are absolutely the best and very responsive. I place one year’s order at a time." Na******, THAILAND"Would rate it a 6 stars if have!" Ja******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"I can't believe how fast this arrived to Florida from Japan! Everything was in perfect shape and packed with much love and care." To******, POLAND"The order came really very carefully packed in a nice coolbox. I received 2 tea samples with my order for which I am also very grateful. This was my first order from Sazen, but I already know that it will definitely not be the last." Da******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Perfect!" ha******, CANADA"very speedy delivery" Da******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Excellent service" Ri******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Great description. Fast shipping. Nice original packaging" Ma******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"SAZEN's service is always stellar. Their shipping is very fast and they get your goods out to you in less than a week from the date of your order. packing of fragile items are really thought out, secure and arrives intact and safely. Thank you for the attention to details as week." LE******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"SUPERIOR SERVICE !" ar******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Sazen has never let me down - even from Japan the package arrives faster than other suppliers within the US - and the packaging is so nice - quality all the way. I don't buy from anyone else if I can help it..." Jo******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Good as always!" Ak******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Speedy shipping, and great customer service communication/ problem solving" Sz******, ROMANIA"Great service fast shipping, only the description should be more accurate instead of 350 ml capacity correct it to 280 ml and no problem, this is too big of a size difference." Ro******, GERMANY"Best tea shop! A+++" Ja******, CHILE"Always thankful for your excellent service!" Hu******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Fast shipping and enjoyed the kind words with the packaging. Products were shipped with care." Ri******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"If it weren't for Sazen, I wouldn't be able to discover the amazing world of matcha. 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No need to monitor my can volume because I know I can order last minute and receive this wonderful product in no time. Items are carefully packaged, arrive undamaged and a small free gift is included." An******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Awesome. Will appreciate even more if you can tell me : is it true that as long I keep my total order under 10,000 JPY, I pay no Custom tax in US." Sa******, ISRAEL"Like everytime, service's from Sazen is just at perfection, Thank You :)" Ri******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Great communication and the same price as the Marukyu vendor in Japan so there is no mark up for international customers which I have experienced while purchasing Marukyu products from local vendors in my country. Very fast shipping." No******, CANADA"Very fast shipping and delivery. Shipping is very expensive." Le******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Perfect, arrived much earlier than expected and in perfect condition." Da******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Perfect, AAA+++" So******, UNITED KINGDOM"Thank you Sazen! I am enjoying the chigi no shiro cha. Also thanks for the great communication and information on your website and everything that you sent me ???? It's very interesting learning about different cultivars and tea varieties." Be******, SINGAPORE"Fast delivery. Item received in good order and well-packed. A free gift was included. Nice gesture" Al******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Outstanding service, as usual!" Ma******, ITALY"Happy, when someone make his job in professional way is always repaid ! Will order again and again !" Je******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Sazen delivers earlier than expected! Thank you Sazen for your hard work!" Fa******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Professional they truly are. It was a very satisfying experience." Ma******, POLAND"It was nice to shop with Sazentea. great customer service, Agnes is very kind and answears all your questions, I got a lot of samples and a handwritten note :-)" Ar******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Amazing service and packaging as always, always arrives earlier than expected. Beautiful and neat." Ca******, KENYA"Excellent" Wa******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Very fast ship, very well packed." Ta******, CANADA"packed perfectly with care and arrived quickly as always :) worlds best online tea shop." LE******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Would be nice if there is a writing in english...." Fe******, ITALY"Simply amazing. First time I tried a thencha and wanted to start with a really good one. I followed the brewing suggestion given by Sazen and the result is that I am in love with this tea. Thank you" Ro******, CANADA"Best service ever..." Fa******, INDONESIA"Prompt delivery and good customer service. Products are wll packed." Xi******, GERMANY"Absolutely masterpiece! Elegant and lasting design. Bought two some months ago and here I am again stocking three more!" Le******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Excellent." Da******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Always the best!" Da******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Consistent perfection!" Na******, THAILAND"Amazing! Would give it 6 stars!!" To******, POLAND"Just 5 stars, perfect service really." Ka******, CROATIA"the postal service charged me additional charges for processing, that was not well documented when i selected it." Sa******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Great! Arrived very fast" Sa******, "Excelente servicio y profesionalidad. ?Muchas gracias!" Ma******, NORWAY"Very impressed with my first order from your store. Good job!" LE******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"THE BEST!" Da******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Perfect as always!" Ar******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Packaging and timing is good as always, you guys are such a quality service." Ma******, CANADA"Shipping is fast and carefully packed." 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Fr******, CANADA"Thank you for the great packaging and free sample. Quick to respond to e-mails." LE******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Very good options on different Japanese and other teas options. I wish you write on some tea in English, for example , my favor Sencha Agata no Mori has no English description about that tea, which is important. But I thank you for a quick delivery and very best customer service! Leon. Miami, Florida, USA" Fr******, GERMANY"Thanks a lot, it´s really a great chashaku." An******, AUSTRALIA"Excellent service Thank you very much" Ta******, HUNGARY"Perfect, helpful, fast and big hearted customer service." Ro******, GERMANY"Best team!" Je******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Super fast & accurate!" Al******, JAPAN"as one get used to it it become more and more enjoyable and can appreciate its subtle taste" Ni******, BULGARIA"My favorite cup. I wish they had 45ml version of this! :( The 25ml ones are too small and this is too big. For me the perfect size is 50ml to the edge (35ml filled). But it's perfect for its size - I don't need a pitcher for my 60ml shibo which is awesome. Sazen's service is awesome - everything was packaged nicely and safely." Ri******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Thanks so much for your incredible service again. I try not to look at how much money I spend on tea from Sazen, but there's a reason I've returned for orders every few months. I've found no tea company across the world that balances excellent customer service, selection, and value the way Sazen does." G******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"The only place I but matcha. Trustworthy and great service." Ca******, PHILIPPINES"Thank you for the freebie tea and for fast shipping" Ch******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Excellent, thank you for the excellent packaging and the free sample!" Ps******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"The finest matcha store on the internet by far. Thank You Sazen KANPAI !!!" 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Sa******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Fast and professional" Sz******, ROMANIA"Great service, fast and precise." Ve******, CROATIA"Very quick delivery." GA******, MALAYSIA"Thank you Sazen. Top quality packing and speed delivery." Wi******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"As always, service was fantastic and delivery quick." Ju******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"I love it!!!" Da******, CZECH REPUBLIC"Perfect packaging, quick delivery, great service. Thank you" On******, CZECH REPUBLIC"Insanely fast shipping in comparison to my experiences with other stores." Ps******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"best made with room temperature water and no more than 50 ml water steeped for 15 minutes" th******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Ordered on a Saturday and had tea on hand in Georgia, USA by Wed- Amazingly fast. Included sample was appreciated and excellent." Al******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"great service" Da******, GERMANY"Perfect, as always - thanks a lot!" Lá******, HUNGARY"Fast shipping, excellent packaging and lovely staff service." Ma******, SINGAPORE"Very fast n quick delivery by dhl n good service. Reasonable prices." Fe******, "??? ?????? ????????? ???????????. ????? ??? FedEx "?????", ?? ??? ?? ???? ????????." LE******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"EXCELLENT, ALWAYS ON TIME" St******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Gokujo Shincha 2020" Ma******, ITALY"Professional and serious" Jo******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Sazentea’s service was as good for this order as it’s always been. Shipping is pricey, but I understand why, and their free shipping on $200+ orders is reasonable considering where it’s coming from and how quickly they get it to me. The fact I live in a day & age where I can get products from Japan in one week is great, but I know this wouldn’t be possible if Sazen wasn’t on top of their game." Wi******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Great service, willing to work with me and the item was shipped quickly and well packed." Ap******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Your service feels like home! It is an honor to do business with you!" BL******, MALAYSIA"I feel the product is a little short of info. I hope to know more about the ingredients used. Is it natural essential oil or synthetic. Was it hand made or machine made and etc. Cheers" Jo******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Good as always!" GA******, MALAYSIA"Thank you sazen for brings up this wonderful platform for tea lovers" Ma******, IRAN"Really professional team ,, Tnx sazen for support and good service Peace and love from IRAN" NI******, THAILAND"smart and fast delivery" Ch******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Great as usual!" An******, GERMANY"Simply perfect!" Am******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Delivered very fresh with nice packaging. Good price and convenient delivery. Excellent service." St******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Gorgeous matcha" Ol******, CANADA"Sazen's staff shows high standards of promptness and efficiency. I ordered on the 7th of August and received them six days later, on the 13th. Everything was well packed." Da******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Perfect as always!" Ma******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Thank you." Al******, UKRAINE"Fast delivery" An******, GERMANY"Brilliant!!!" mi******, ROMANIA"Top Notch Quality !" Er******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Packed very securely with lots of material keeping it from getting smashed." G******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"As always sazen service is great." Ad******, SINGAPORE"Sazen is always fast to pack and ship my order with no mistakes." mi******, ROMANIA"Superb tea and service, thank you." St******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"The best culinary matcha - tastes like Kyoto" Jo******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Great as always!" Er******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Sazens service was excellent. Arrived surprisingly quick from Japan. They warn while purchasing of potential duty fee's etc, but I never had to deal with any. It arrived via FedEx as any ordinary package." mi******, ROMANIA"super service !" Ja******, POLAND"Thank you for fantastic quality, consistency (2020 vs 2022 Chashoten Gyokuro) and speedy delivery with a rewarding sample gift ^_^" Fr******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Always helpful, always quick response." To******, POLAND"Great service, fast delivery, well packed. Nothing to complain, just to praise!"Al******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Great customer service. Super fast shipping. Excellent packaging. Thank you, Sazen Tea!" Er******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Everything came perfectly packaged, with no scratches or dents." Sz******, SINGAPORE"Ordered on Sunday night, received on Thursday night (Singapore)" Da******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Always perfect!" Fr******, CANADA"Amazing services!" Er******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"The shipping to USA is pricey, but that’s no fault of Sazen’s. They always include a sample of one of their high quality teas (sometimes even better quality than the ones I ordered) to pique one’s interest." G******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"As always Sazen service is excellent!" Ja******, UNITED KINGDOM"As always fast, efficient and high standards" th******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"super fast" KE******, NEW ZEALAND"Thanks for the safe packaging." Da******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Sazen is always great." Jo******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Great as always!" Ca******, KENYA"Excellent" Ia******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Arrived promptly and the sample was delicious." To******, POLAND"Perfect service as always" Da******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Always perfect!" Ph******, CANADA"Efficient and speedy service. Tea nicely packaged in box. Will purchase from seller again. Very satisfied." Da******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Excellent customer service!" 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LE******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"I wish you offer in a cans as well, i love them." Wi******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Exceptional matcha selection" Ba******, PHILIPPINES"Excellent as always." Mi******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Wonderful and quick shipment and service. I'm so happy. Thank you!" Ka******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Great service! The tea and other items I ordered were well packaged and arrived quickly (within 1 week of ordering) despite COVID-19 and being shipped to GA, USA." Ki******, SINGAPORE"Very fast delivery, did not expect that."Uw******, GERMANY"The only one shop in Japan I order my tea direkt. Very fast and best teas!!!! Trustfull" St******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Delicious and rich" Sz******, ROMANIA"Stellar services." Ol******, CANADA"Perfect customer service with update throughout the process and speedy delivery through DHL services." or******, ISRAEL"great company changed my life forever gave me the opportunity to the best matcha test but more important the matcha effect of energy realax and focus very good service for example i asked for usucha info the contact sent me info but immediately update iinfo in the website witch mean he think about every costumer shopping on this store" Gl******, JAPAN"Sazen is always a perfect quality service preparing orders and answering to customers." Da******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Perfect!" Ju******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"The best I ever had!!!" Mo******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"excellent service from Sazen as always." Da******, GERMANY"Great communication and fast shipment!" Ch******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"All the teaware I have purchased has made the trip from Japan to the US in perfect condition and the packaging is above and beyond." 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Received a nice gift sample too. Thanks for an excellent service, Sazen. Really Appreciate it." Ch******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"As always the shipping is perfect and the packaging is the best. I keep coming back because the tea is good and the teawares are some of the best." Ro******, GERMANY"Top service!" Je******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Sazen has never let me down! Super fast shipping (faster arriving in US from Japan than some companies shipping inside US!!!), excellent packaging, can't say enough great things!" Al******, PHILIPPINES"No reply from claim email yet." Ba******, PHILIPPINES"Again, excellent service Sazen!" Ta******, HUNGARY"Perfect service, as always!" Sa******, INDONESIA"Love the service and the little package of free gift (tea) that is utterly delightful and smart (as I did order some of green teas that were given to me as samples)" Ma******, CANADA"My teapot was very carefully packed, thank you." Iv******, CROATIA"Packed excellently" Na******, SWITZERLAND"Very fast shipping and delivery." Ma******, ITALY"I took time to realize that Sazen is one of the best around . Prompt service, accuracy , I am very proud I have now all I need on a palm of a hand. Thank you for to be so professional." Ja******, UNITED KINGDOM"Fresh fast and still cannot figure out how such successful and fresh well packaged products can make it to the UK so fast amazing keep it up" Je******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Sazen is the best! Super fast shipping and great packaging!" Da******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Perfect as always and early delivery by DHL." BL******, MALAYSIA"Well done on detailed description, educating and communication !!" Ju******, JAPAN"Fast and neat service! Packaging was also nice and I got a small bag of service matcha." Ro******, GERMANY"One of the best tea resellers currently available for international (and, in particular, EU) customers. Literally, only the positive experience!" 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Wi******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Sazen is wonderful , my orders are perfect everytime" Pa******, ARGENTINA"Agnes is very responsive and works out any problem you might have." GA******, MALAYSIA"Thank you Sazen. Top quality packing and speed delivery." Me******, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA"Tea is good and customer service is even better" Da******, THAILAND"I truly appreciate the packaging of each individual product and of the delivering parcel. The preparation might be a bit longer than expected but it's acceptable."

Chawan Ninsei Ajisai

Kiyomizu tea bowl from the Seikanji kiln

Chawan Ninsei Ajisai Chawan Ninsei Ajisai Chawan Ninsei Ajisai Chawan Ninsei Ajisai Chawan Ninsei Ajisai Chawan Ninsei Ajisai Chawan Ninsei Ajisai Chawan Ninsei Ajisai
Limited EditionMasterpiece

Handmade and hand-painted matcha tea bowl from the Seikanji kiln, decorated with Japan's beloved summer flower, hydrangea.

Kyo or Kiyomizu pottery looks back on 400 years of history and is now a symbol of Kyoto. To serve the desire of Aristocrats, tea masters, and culinary specialists of the era, Kyo or Kiyomizu pottery has incorporated design and artistry not only from Japan but also from China and the Korean Peninsula. Even up to now exquisite artistry and excellent craftsmanship are the core qualities of Kyo ware: each piece is modeled and decorated carefully by hand.

The bowl comes in a wooden box signed by the artist.

Place of Origin: Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture, Japan

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Item code: TDM025

Maker: Seikanji kiln

Artisan: Seikanji kiln

Origin: Japan

Material: clay

Dimensions: Φ 12 cm, H: 8.5 cm, wooden box: 14.5 x 14.5 x 12 cm

Unit price: $ / piece


Limited stock




Ship to:
Worldwide (List of Countries)
Delivery service:
DHL, FedEx, Yamato Transport, Yu-Pack, S.F. Express, Pick-Up (See conditions)
Estimated posting:
within 5 business days
• PayPal • Bank card payment • Bank transfer • Cash on delivery (Learn more here)
10 days money back (See conditions)

The customs duties do not belong to our competence. It may occur that duties have to be paid on receipt of the parcel. About the current rates of customs duties in your country please contact local authority. To learn about international shipping, read more here.

Posting time can vary due to the manufacturers capacity, Japanese national holidays, as well as natural disasters or accidents, etc., and we can not guarantee posting dates.

List of Countries

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Brunei Darussalam
Canary Islands
Costa Rica
Czech Republic
El Salvador
Guam (USA)
Hong Kong
Ivory Coast (Cote D'Ivoire)
New Caledonia (French)
New Zealand
Papua New Guinea
Puerto Rico
Russian Federation
San Marino
Saudi Arabia
Sierra Leone
Slovak Republic
South Africa
South Korea
Sri Lanka
Trinidad and Tobago
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom
United States of America

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

Handling precautions

Initiate the tea bowl first! Let the bowl sit wholly immersed in cold or lukewarm water for a couple of minutes and then let it dry naturally. Matcha patina is natural for white clay, but by initiating the bowl properly, it will develop slower.

After using the tea bowl, rinse it with water. It is better to avoid dishwashing liquid, but you can use gentle, organic soap to clean your bowl. Never use bleach!
Avoid using a dishwasher or dryer!

Avoid placing it on hot surfaces like a stove, and never put it in the microwave or oven.

Only prepare matcha tea in it.

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