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Tokoname Artisan Teapots

Sazen Tea offers a beautiful selection of Tokoname teaware, including many styles and shapes of teapots, tea cups and yuzamashi from different kilns and artisans.

Tokoname city in Aichi prefecture, Japan, is very well known for its pottery. It is also one of the locations of the Six Ancient Kilns of Japan.

Gyokko Hirafukurogata Kyusu Large

Tokoname teapot from the Gyokko kiln

  • $88.00 / あ)黒泥
  • $88.00 / い)朱泥
  • $88.00 / う)焼締
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Gyokko Yakishime Gokuhira Yōhen Kyusu

Tokoname teapot from the Gyokko Kiln

  • $69.30 / right-handed
  • $69.30 / left-handed
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