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March is the month to commemorate the legacy of Sen no Rikyu,

the Grandmaster of tea.

Now, we offer a 5% discount on all matcha

under the 'Ceremonial Matcha' menu.

For the discount, use the Coupon Code:


The tea master, seeking ways to fuse spirituality and the appreciation of nature with the arts of tea, created a way - "Wabicha" - to connect us all.
Let's enjoy our tea in the spirit of Rikyu, appreciating the perfection of the moment in simplicity. As Rikyu's beloved poem says:

"Show them who wait
Only for flowers
There in the mountain villages:
Grass peeks through the snow,
And with it, spring."
(Fujiwara Ietaka)

+ Gift koicha sample to every order during the promotion period.
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The gift promotion is valid until March 27, 2023 (11:59 PM SJT).
The promotion is valid for both USD and JPY purchases.
The promotion is only valid for purchased items from the indicated category.
The discount cannot be combined with other discounts, and can not be exchanged for money.

Some of our most flavorful specialities:
Premium Matcha Narino

Premium Matcha Narino

Special non-blended, single origin matcha, made of the Narino tea cultivar

$ 64.80 / 20 g

Matcha Choukou no Mukashi

Matcha Choukou no Mukashi

Award-winning matcha, koicha (thick tea)

$ 77.76 / 30 g

Matcha Kaguraden

Matcha Kaguraden

High grade matcha tea from Yamamasa Koyamaen

$ 37.80 / 30 g

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