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Hekisuien Matcha

At the end of the Edo period (1867), Kihei Horii, the first family head, founded Hekisuien in Uji. Hekisuien produces and sells “Tengu Ujicha Tea” (proprietary product name). A “Tengu” is a long-nosed imaginary creature of folklore in Japan. In Japanese, a self-conceited person is referred to as “Tengu” By extension, 'becoming Tengu' means being excessively boastful. The product name “Tengu Ujicha Tea” contains a lesson “Don’t let yourself conceited or boastful.”

Matcha Daigyoku

Top favored usucha (thin tea) with a rich taste

¥1,404 / 30 g
$ 12.86*

* Approximately

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Matcha Hatsumukashi

Entry grade matcha for making usucha (thin tea)

¥864 / 30 g
$ 7.91*

* Approximately

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Matcha Kin no Uzu

Classic usucha that is very popular at tea events

¥972 / 30 g
$ 8.90*

* Approximately

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