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Japanese Tea Cups

For those who want to take their tea ceremony seriously, or just simply like the aesthetic and feeling of traditional Japanese teaware, Sazen Tea has a range of authentic Japanese yunomi (tea cups), chawan and matchawan (tea bowls). Materials vary from earthy raku-clay to dainty porcelain cups decorated with hand-painted designs. Most of Sazen Tea's teaware is handmade by artisans across Japan.

Ichimonji Yunomi

White porcelain teacup by Kawai Masamitsu

  • $33.00 / A) Celadon
  • $33.00 / B) White
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Kannyu Kumidashiwan

Handmade ceramic teacup with "Ice Crackle" finish

  • $44.00 / A) Konseiji Kanyu Kumidashiwan
  • $44.00 / B)
  • $44.00 / C)
  • $44.00 / D)
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Tenmoku Cup

Unique "Oil-drop" glazed cup

  • $330.00 / B)
  • $330.00 / D)
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