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Japanese Tea Whisks & Matcha Scoops

For tea enthusiasts wishing to enjoy an authentic Japanese tea ceremony at home, Sazen Tea offers a range of individual matcha tools and matcha sets, all 100% made in Japan. Chashaku (matcha spoons) are used to ensure that matcha powder is carefully transferred from container to chawan (matcha bowl). Chasen (tea whisks) are bamboo whisks, ideal for whisking matcha powder and hot water together to create the tea's characteristic frothy top. All of Sazen Tea's matcha whisks and tea scoops are true displays of beauty, craftsmanship and durability, made from premium-quality bamboo by talented Japanese artisans.

Fugetsu Resin Whisk

Plastic tea whisk from Nara • 55-tine chasen

  • $27.50 / Ivory
  • $27.50 / Brown
  • $27.50 / Green
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Water ladle made of bamboo

  • $41.80 / All-purpose
  • $41.80 / Ro
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