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April is the season of dense morning mists that make the air heavy with humidity. The warmer and brighter April Sun with the mist setting low on tea bushes fills the dormant tea buds with energy and by the end of the month the first, fresh tea leaves get ready for harvesting, and the year's first tea picking season starts. The tea that comes from this first harvest is what we call Shincha. Shincha is blended from the softest, most tender tea leaves that are processed quickly right after the harvest. They are roasted for a shorter time at a lower temperature, so they stay moist and fresh, with the aroma of a rain-soaked, lush green forest.

Tokujo Shincha
Tokujo Shincha

Premium green tea from the first harvest of the year, 2022

  • $12.96 / 50 g BAG
  • $24.84 / 100 g BAG
  • $28.08 / 100 g CAN
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Hatsu Enishi Shin Matcha Gold

Shincha blend from the first harvest of the year

  • $18.36 / 20 g CAN
  • $35.64 / 40 g CAN
  • $86.40 / 100 g CAN
  • $169.56 / 200 g CAN
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Gokujo Shincha
Gokujo Shincha

Supreme green tea from the first harvest of the year, 2022

  • $20.52 / 50 g BAG
  • $39.96 / 100 g BAG
  • $63.72 / 100 g CAN
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Shincha has become exceptionally popular these days, many tea lovers are looking forward to the Shincha Season the most. There is a huge competition for companies to release their Shincha as soon as possible. This haste together with the distinct processing of the leaves results in a sweet, grassy taste tea that is only sold for 2-3 months after the harvest. Due to the fast processing, Shincha is higher in vitamins than other blends, but for the same reason, it is better to drink it fast as it loses most of its aroma in about half a year. Take the day and order it now!

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