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Introducing Uji matcha to the world

Many companies all over the world have been selling their original matcha to tea ceremonies.  I also planned to sell our original matcha in an original tin when I established my business.  But I decided to sell our suppliers’ matcha, not our original one after consideration. Why did I change my mind not to sell our original but our suppliers’ tea instead?

In the world, many matcha named “Ceremonial Grade Matcha” or “Super Premium Matcha,” etc., have been sold even if they do not know whether its quality is worth being called “ceremonial grade” or “premium” and what its price should be. I think they give people the wrong image of matcha. Here is an example. When I picked up some tea called matcha at a shop in some country in 2013, I was astonished that its color was turning yellow from green and its expiration date was 2017, although the official shelf life of matcha is 6-8 months.

Marukyu-Koyamaen, Horii-shichimeien, Hekisuien and Hokoen are suppliers who provide genuine matcha to our webshop. Those four companies are real manufacturers of Uji matcha and they have their own matcha factories. Each of them has their own long history of producing matcha. They provide us with a uniform quality of matcha every year from premium matcha to daily ones.  Furthermore, I would like to explain something about its price. The value of real authentic brand’s matcha is reflected in the price.  The matcha which a genuine matcha company produces always has stable taste and price. When you buy matcha for 2000 yen per 40g, you can imagine how it tastes. Matcha lovers can get a good idea of the taste only seeing its price. Our webshop offers those genuine Uji matcha for the same official retail price in Japan and out of Japan.

We provide you with genuine Uji matcha based on high quality and fair pricing so that  people in the world will get to know real Uji matcha without being decieved by beautiful packages or fancy words. 

Of course, if you live far from Japan, the cost for shipping will be higher.  But when you compare buying real tasty matcha directly from Japan with buying unidentified matcha anywhere else and pay the same price, you can understand which way is better.

Let’s enjoy the freshest and tastiest Uji matcha in the world!

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Some of our Uji matcha tea offer

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