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Phoenix Mountains Tea

Phoenix Dang Cong is a kind of oolong tea produced in the Phoenix Mountains in Chaozhou, northern Guangdong in China. They are a mountain range, the summits of which stand 1,000 meters above sea level. Their soil is fertile because of mist, clouds, humidity and rainfalls, which are observed yearly, and due to the great temperature difference between day and night. The most famous mountain of the Phoenix is Wu Dong Mountain located at the altitude of 1500m, and high-quality tea is grown up there. Many tea trees were planted at the top of the mountain in the Song or Ming Dynasty, and it is estimated that there are currently more than 3,700 trees which are all over 200 years old. Local farmers selected a huge number of those trees from among a cultivar of Phoenix Narcissus, and they have long been nurturing each tree. There still exist many trees which are nearly 600 years old. The tea leaves of Phoenix Narcissus have a specific feature respectively, even though they come from the same mother tree. None of the tea leaves are mixed with the purpose of making the feature of each tree conspicuous when the leaves are processed. The leaves are picked only from a single tree at a time and they are processed each time. Phoenix Dang Cong comes in over 80 different kinds: the natural flower-flavor teas are “Huang Zhi Xiang,” “Zhi Lan Xiang,” “Gui Hua Xiang” and “You Hua Xiang, and the fruit-honey, natural-flavor teas are “Rou Gui,” “Mi Lan Xian” and “Xing Ren Xiang” in the cultivar of “Feng Huang Shui Xian,” and some others are refreshing-flavor tea. One of the charms of Phoenix Dang Cong lies in appreciating the distinct fragrance of those same kinds of tea.